This year seems to be chock-a-block for actor Radhika Apte. Besides the upcoming Akhsay Kumarstarrer Pad Man, she will have five back-to-back releases.

"There have been years where I've had more than just one release. The year Badlapur and Hunterrr (2015) came out, I had other projects coming out in the same year, in Hindi as well as regional cinema," she says.

Radhika will also be seen in a digital show, starring Saif Ali Khan, this year and she will also start work on her first international project alongside Dev Patel (yet to be announced). However, all her five films this year are only commercial Hindi projects.

Asked about how she juggles multiple characters, the Phobia (2016) actor says, "It's not just about going to different film sets in different cities or places, but also travelling mentally each time. It's definitely very exciting, as all the projects are drastically different from each other, but challenging, too. However, as long as I'm getting to do what I love so much, I'm in a happy state of mind. That's what's most important."

Does it also put pressure on an actor to live up to growing expectations?

"Probably, yes. Hence, consistency is very important. But failure is also inevitable and an important part of your journey. So it's important to feel ready to take risks, regardless of any pressures or expectations. I also do have high expectations from myself... to not compromise when it comes to work. When I start working on any project, my whole focus has always been and will always be to give it my best shot," says Radhika.