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Thread: These Facts About The Couple Proves That Its Successful

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    7. How You React Matters

    Research Shows How Couples React To Each Other’s Good News Is Crucial In A Relationship.

    In a study published in The Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, researchers found that the way couples react to each other's good news - either with excitement, pride, or indifference is crucial in forming a strong bond. Here’s a breakdown that The New York Times did for this research:

    “In the laboratory as in life, constructive support is generally better for a relationship than detachment, as many people have learned the hard way. Couples who lace their arguments with sarcasm and mean jabs, studies find, are usually headed for a split. But in their analysis of response styles, the researchers found that it was the partners' reactions to their loved ones' victories, small and large, that most strongly predicted the strength of the relationships. Four of the couples had broken up after two months, and the women in these pairs rated their partners' usual response to good news as particularly uninspiring.”

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    8. Choose Your Happiness

    Studies Show That Conflicts About Money And Poor Communication Lead To Unhappy Couples.

    Communicating with your partner is crucial to a successful relationship. According to the studies, conflicts about money and poor communication create unhappy couples more than almost anything else. Now, dealing with these problems is what’s extremely tough.

    You distance yourself from your partner if you don’t spend enough time talking to him or her. When it comes to money and other financial decisions, it’s important to reach a conclusion, together, rather making your own decisions.

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