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Thread: How Are You Coping With Crazy Little Thing Called Love In 2018?

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    How Are You Coping With Crazy Little Thing Called Love In 2018?

    Can you feel it? That oddly familiar sensation that things are new again and that you are getting to start afresh. Each year, we make resolutions to change our lives for the better. Different people have different plans each year, every year.

    Sadly, there are no reset buttons. We know nothing essentially changes, yet we celebrate the power of time and survival, every year without fail. Ever thought why? Well, because the only two common things between each and every human existing on this planet are firstly, the fact that neither of us can hold time still and second, we love the idea of love.

    If 2017 wasn’t our year, the new year gives us hope and that it’s time to move on. Breakups, failed friendships, fights with parents – we’ve all experienced the ups and downs that 2017 gave us. A bad job, a terrible relationship does more harm to us than anything else. No one wants that kind of negativity, right? So, let’s work towards a common resolution - spreading love.

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    Let’s Make This Year About Love

    How tough it is to love someone? If you ask us, we won’t give you a sugar-coated answer saying it’s not too tough. Loving someone, anyone, consumes you and no, it’s not a cakewalk. It can be painful, it can be difficult, and yet, nothing gives us more happiness than seeing the person we care the most about smile. And, loving someone is so much better than all the other materialistic things we’ve started valuing more than relationships in our lives.

    We are the millennial generation and we rush into things. Time is running faster than we ever imagined, and there’s so much to do that we never really stop and think. So, stop, bask in the feeling and dwell on the good stuff.

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