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Thread: Filmfare awards Facts you need to know

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    Filmfare awards Facts you need to know

    10 Unknown Facts About Filmfare Awards

    Filmfare Awards – Filmfare is the pioneering award ceremony of India that has come a long way in its journey to felicitate seasoned actors, producers, singers, composers, lyricists et al. It is the Indian counterpart of Oscars and professionals from the film fraternity vie for this award every year.

    The most awaited night in Bollywood is bedazzled with glamour, fashion, opulence and everything idyllic giving a treat to the eyes. The black lady is something every star secretly covets but making it to the nominations too is a big deal for some. So, here are some simply interesting facts about Filmfare awards you need to know.

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    The word mathematics:

    So far, there have been 56 best picture winners among which there were 28 single word titles. Then again, films with 2-3 word titles have won 6 times each while the titles with 5 words have won 3 times and titles with 6 words have won just once. However, no film with more than 6 words long title has won the Filmfare in its entire history.

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