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Thread: 11 Bans From Around The World That Are Utterly Bizarre

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    11 Bans From Around The World That Are Utterly Bizarre

    The latest ban on the display of non-vegetarian food because it hurts people’s sentiments got us on earth can someone come up with such absurd bans, right? Well, to our surprise, when we researched laws from around the world, we found that we are all surrounded by a crazy bunch of bans, and not just in India. Here are 11 insane things that are banned around the world and you gotta check it out now.

    1. Video Games In Greece

    In 2002, the government in Greece banned video games across the country. The actual intention behind this ban was to stop illegal gambling, which accidentally led to a ban on video games. So, if you are playing video games even on your home computers in Greece, you might just end up in jail.

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    2. Chewing Gum In Singapore

    Back in 2004, the Singapore government put a ban on chewing gum imports. You can’t buy or sell chewing gum in the country and if you are caught doing so or spitting the gum on the streets, you will have to pay a heavy fine of $500. All this because back in 1992, someone used a chewed gum to bring the public transportation system to a halt.

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