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Thread: 8 Food Trends That Are Coming To Our Plates In 2018

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    Trend #7 - Get bugged

    Did you know that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization predicts that we’ll have 9 billion people to feed by 2050? There’s not enough land, grain, or livestock to feed that many. But there are enough bugs. Insects are slated to become the next big source of sustainable, organic nutrition, and we hear they taste a little bit like chicken. Full of protein and good omega fatty acids, insects like crickets and grasshoppers are already a staple in South East Asian cuisines and provide more nutrition than most livestock. World Entomophagy founder Harman Singh Joshi effectively built, ran and eventually sold a company that grows insects for food at 25. That should tell you how trendy edible insects are becoming.

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    Trend #8 - Give a little

    You’re grateful for that energy bar in the middle of the day, you’re super grateful for that cool, long draught of water when you sit down parched. Everyone should be so lucky, and you can be that angel of luck sometimes. Grab an extra bar or an extra bottle of water on your way out, and when getting into a cab. Cabbies work their tushies off and often miss meals or don’t hydrate enough because they’re on the road, getting your tush where it needs to go. Go on, and make his day. Give him that extra bar or that extra bottle of cool water. Instant karma.

    2018 is going to be a year to look forward to. Awareness and mindfulness about what you eat and where it comes from is gaining momentum. Communities are learning about local businesses; people are leaving high paying corporate jobs to grow food for their families, their communities and the ones they love.

    It looks like love is food and food is love and both are making some serious money. Pay a little extra attention and a little extra money to support your local food business, especially if they care deeply about the food, packaging, and the impact both have on the environment.

    It’s worth it.

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