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Thread: 8 Food Trends That Are Coming To Our Plates In 2018

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    Trend #5 - Stick to your guns

    The latest diet doing the rounds is the Ketogenic diet. Think of your body as an engine and carbohydrate as your body’s fuel. The keto diet forces your body to change the fuel to ketones aka fat. The good news is that you’ll lose the fat. The bad news is that it is super difficult to stay steady on the course. And expensive! No matter what diet you choose to follow, sit down at the table and plan your week. Follow this mantra – Cook once, eat twice - and use your weekends to stock up your refrigerator and freezer. Great things to prep over the weekend are cut veggies (not onions), homemade veggie or meat stock, and one large roast chicken.

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    Trend #6 - Grow your own damn food

    No one is going to blame you for not growing your own potatoes. Why waste a sunny spot though? Grab a jar or a broken mug, sling some mud (and your cheap coffee/tea grounds, eggshells and whatnot) into it and grow something. A little clove of garlic buried in there will give you some stunningly fresh, aromatic chives for your breakfast omelette, a little onion will give you a different flavoured chive. Don’t throw your spring onion butts out, stick them in a jar of water and you’ll have green onions for weeks. Mint is super easy too, just take a few stems that you’ve stripped and stick them in your planter - et voila, fresh mint with your chai every day.

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