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Thread: List of Mile stone for desi girls!

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    List of Mile stone for desi girls!

    Mile stone for desi girls – Life of girls that belong to middle class is not so easy if you belong to middle class you will understand what I mean. No matter how you crib, cry or do drama you can’t get those thick unibrow threaded till your mom allows you to do so.

    They often taunt you by saying” pehli baar eyebrows maine shaadi mien karvayi thi”. Yeah we know it’s so annoying and frustrating.

    You need to take permission from parents for every small thing and if they aren’t ready they will not allow you. While few things listed below aren’t big deal with Richie riches or other parts of the world they are certainly very big milestones in middle class families of India.

    So, here you go is a list of Mile stone for desi girls!

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    1 – When after lots of blackmailing mom finally allowed to stay a night at a friend’s house. Usually moms don’t allow easily in middle class Indian households.

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