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Thread: 9 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making At Work

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    5. Saying “It’s Not My Job”

    While most companies have defined key responsibility areas for each of their employees, it doesn’t always mean you will not ever be asked to do new things. Saying “It’s not my job” shows that you aren’t flexible to shift your schedule. Always be ready to pitch in even when it’s not be a part of your job description.

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    6. Not Replying/Delay Replying To Emails

    In the professional world, you need to ace your email skills. From writing the perfect email to replying to mails on time – prompt email communication is a must. If you are someone who forgets to reply to emails, then set reminders to do so. Otherwise, you may come across as rude and inefficient. Delayed replies are also a no-no. The best time to reply to an email is within 12-24 hours from the time of the email being received.

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