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Thread: 9 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making At Work

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    3. Not Owning Up To Your Mistakes

    We all love to take credit for the good work that we do, right? The same applies when something goes wrong. Often when we make a mistake at work, we try and hide it instead of admitting it. We are only human and things will go wrong, but how you fix your mistakes is what matters. Try to respond and not react under these situations.

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    4. Spending Too Much Time On Social Media

    This does not apply if it’s part of your job. Using social media at work is okay, but an overdose of anything is harmful. Being the social media addicts that we are, it’s tough to sustain this one but if you dedicate a specific time of the day to social media, or only during work breaks, you’ll notice you are more productive and less distracted.

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