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Thread: First Kiss Lifetime Memorable

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    First Kiss Lifetime Memorable

    How To Make Your First Kiss Memorable For a Lifetime

    First kiss Ė First kisses are always memorable for two people in love. It is really special to kiss someone for the first time you secretly coveted for long. A first kiss is the beginning of a rollercoaster relationship and itís like the homecoming for the soul when you know you are kissing the right person.

    If you are in talks over the phone, doing late night chats and planning for the first dates, seeing things by rose tinted glasses, you must be planning for the first kiss too.

    You know it will be hard to sit closer and not kiss each other so here are some tips to make your first kiss really worthwhile.

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    Plan perfect:

    You need to plan ahead before succumbing to the moment. The best moment, however to kiss a person when you have already spent a good deal of time with them. Make sure no one is around and there are no disturbances when you engage in kissing. Choose a car or a lonely park bench, for that matter to make this appropriate.

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