If you think your job su*ks we’ve got some listed here that can get you out of the rut. When it comes to jobs, being innovative can be a cool way to get out of the monotony. Stay with us as we take you through a list of jobs you probably never knew.

Line stander

If you hate standing in long queues, you can delegate the task to someone who’d do it for you. A typical work-day can last 19 hours and you might have to pay them accordingly.

Water slide tester

Well it’s probably not as fun as it sounds. A water slide tester’s job involves taking several trips on the slide to test its safety, amount of water needed and how much fun it is.

Professional snuggler

You might be forever alone but by hiring a professional snuggler you could treat yourself to a few hugs and cuddles. According to the Economic Times a number of companies offer this service which relaxing and enjoyable. People's Love For Tea

Armpit sniffer

These guys are up people’s armpits sniffing out foul odor. They work for deodorant manufacturers to ensure and enhance the quality of products. According to ET, their goal is to determine how effective a deodorant is.

Train pusher

It’s not exactly what it sounds like. ‘Oshiyas’ don’t push trains, but people. They help cram in as many people on a train as possible by pushing them inside until the doors close. However this job is only available in Japan.

Professional mourner

According to Undercover Recruiter, there’s a belief in South East Asia that loud funerals help assisting the dead in their journey to the afterlife. Professional mourners are hired to cry and weep loudly throughout the service.

Flatulence smell reduction underwear maker

According to List25, these dudes are tasked with engineering undies that reduce unpleasant stink that follows after someone farts.

Professional apologizer (Japan)

Trust the Japs to come up with something different and they will. Professional apologisers are hired to apologise on behalf of people. Had a fight with your girl? Your boss? You know who to call.