• “Who was the boy/girl?”

Last weekend I saw a boy dropping you home, who was he? Is he from your college, dance class, or your boyfriend? Oh god, mom that escalated pretty fast. Claps!

  • “Why did not you answer my phone call?”

Where are you? Why did not you receive my phone call? You know how worried I was? And this actually happens when you have missed just a single call from them.

  • “Nothing can be done about you”

Your room is so disorganized, you are going to bed so late every day, and you are missing your morning college lectures. You are good for nothing. Sattire!

  • “Dinner is ready, come have it first”

You can finish your work later, come have your dinner, it’s ready. Mom, where is it? Wait Priya I am just making the roti.

  • “What will you teach your kids?”

This is what we have taught you? This is the day we were waiting for? This is what you will teach your kids? Grow up, learn some ethics, it will be good for my grandchildren.

These are the lines every indian mom uses – Our moms may be too very dramatic at times, but they have some great patience in dealing with us. Kudos to that we still love you mom but seriously you should stop using few lines they piss us a lot!