Iíll never finish falling in love with you, every day I fall a little more for you. No matter how much time I spend with you, I miss you every time you leave.

I canít understand how time flies so fast when I am with you. I have so much to tell you, so many jokes to share, so many incidents to recount that I forget to check my phone. I check it only when itís time to leave. Even after hours of conversation it seems as if we just met an hour ago.

Spending time with you has become a habit I love and when you are not around, I miss your voice, your smile, your silly jokes, your hugs and even your smell.

Itís okay even if youíre silent or sleeping, your presence makes me feel complete.

Iíll annoy you, piss you off, say stupid stuff, and then take it back but no matter what I love you.

I feel the constant urge to text you about every new thing that happens in my day, good or bad. Whether itís an appreciation from my boss or a tussle with the auto-rickshaw driver, I have to tell you about it first.

You are the only one I can act silly with. The same movies we watched together and made fun of seemed so bland and boring without you. I realised that even working out seems fun only if youíre around.

Every time you go out with the guys, I end up wondering what you must be up to and if you are having a good time and when I go out with my friends I end up talking about you only inevitably.

Whether itís about taking the job or not, going for the trip, taking a drop in college or ordering food for the date night, we have to decide everything together. I suck at decision making, especially on my own plus itís so much fun to do it together.

You understand that I sulk and grumble when I am hungry and also when I am apart from you; I donít like my favourite dish as much as I enjoy it eating with you because there is an inexplicable joy in fighting with you over food and eating up from your share, always.

Being with you makes me happy. You are my happy. No measure of time with you can be long enough, but letís start with forever?