I am standing in front of the mirror, wiping my tears and looking at myself. I am wearing the torn blue shorts and the faded white panda t-shirt that you always love, I have my hair in a bun just the way you like it, my phone beeps and I read your notification. Itís a photo youíve sent making a funny face.

And, I smile. Youíre an Idiot. But youíre my Idiot, who always knows how to make me happy.

So what if I fought with my parents and they told me I am a good-for-nothing, I know when Iíll meet you in the evening, youíll greet me with that goofy dimpled smile of yours, ready with a compliment to make my day.

Give me a tight hug and everything will be alright. When Iíll recount my pathetic day to you, with alternating sobs and cusses, youíll tell me that Iíve lost weight just so that I smile. Youíll later buy me my favourite cheese-burst pizza with the money you saved to go back home by cab.

You are my boyfriend but more than anything youíre my best friend in the whole world.

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You are always there for me, all the time.

You know what to say when to make things right.

You know I have crazy mood-swings, I cry when I am hungry or tired so youíre always there to comfort me either with your sweet and funny gestures or with my favourite food.

You always end up comforting me, overlooking your own troubles, you care for me even more than yourself.

Youíre the first person I think of every time something new happens in my life; youíre the first person I want to talk to every time! Tell you every detail and then we can laugh over it together or you can just look at me with that sheepish smile while I bitch about it to you.

I have insecurities, every time I see you laughing with another girl, even though I know itís absolutely foolish, I feel possessive, because you are my best-friend, my guy.

Our fights donít last more than an hour because weíve so much stuff to tell each other and all because we canít stay apart.

You know I channel all my frustration towards you, be it the annoying boss at work or that exam which I didnít clear even on the third attempt. I drink up too much alcohol and even though itís happened before, I never learn. I end up puking the whole night and you adorably listen to my drunk mumbles and rants.

I know weíll make it to forever, our story will be just like the one in the movie ďUpĒ, oldies and besties.

You can be my sugar and Iíll be your spice. I am sorry youíve to put up with all my mess, my irrational decisions, my past mistakes and my crazy future plans but I would also like to tell you that get ready for some more of these because you are going to me my Best Friend forever and ever, so you better get used to it, My Love.