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Thread: To My Forever Love: I知 Sorry I知 So Much to Handle.

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    To My Forever Love: I知 Sorry I知 So Much to Handle.

    I am standing in front of the mirror, wiping my tears and looking at myself. I am wearing the torn blue shorts and the faded white panda t-shirt that you always love, I have my hair in a bun just the way you like it, this makes me think of you.

    And, I smile.

    So what if I fought with my parents and they told me I am a good-for-nothing, I know when I’ll meet you in the evening, you’ll greet me with that goofy dimpled smile of yours, ready with a compliment to make my day. Give me a tight hug and everything will be alright. When I’ll recount my pathetic day to you, with alternating sobs and cusses, you’ll tell me that I’ve lost weight just so that I smile. You’ll later buy me my favourite cheese-burst pizza with the money you saved to go back home by cab.

    You are always there for me, all the time.

    You know what to say when to make things right! You never falter. But I always do. I am messed up and you know that. You say you love me for it but I am constantly thinking that you deserve so much better.

    Musical Fountain at the Amusement Part in Vietnam is Awesome

    I am clingy because I am too attached to you. I am needy and I feel like I am constantly annoying you but that’s because I think about us all the time. I have crazy mood-swings, I cry when I am hungry or tired! I cry a lot. I break down, get anxious and you always end up comforting me, overlooking your own troubles. I have insecurities, every time I see you laughing with another girl, even though I know it’s absolutely foolish, I feel possessive.

    I fight with you for the silliest reasons, throw tantrums and cry.

    I’ve never acknowledge that you tried your best.

    You know I channel all my frustration towards you, be it the annoying boss at work or that exam which I didn’t clear even on the third attempt. I drink up too much alcohol and even though it’s happened before, I never learn. I end up puking the whole night and you adorably listen to my drunk mumbles and rants.

    It’s not that I do it intentionally, it’s because I’ve become too comfortable with you. You are My Person!

    I say some things I never meant to and even though you say you’re okay the next day, I know they are still there in the your mind, hurting you and tormenting you. I am indecisive, I ask you to decide for me, and I end up blaming you for all the wrong decisions. I don’t think I ever appreciated you truly, for all the roses that you give me the dates you take me to, for all the surprises that you plan, the money you spend and the time you give. I have never registered the fact that over time you’ve made me your top priority. Your world revolves around mine and in the quest to find myself I have mistreated you.

    My ex always said that I am too much to handle and yet you’ve handled me with so much ease.

    I’ll try for you my love, to evolve, to discard the flaws that I have and become a better person, a person that you truly deserve.

    I hope we make it to forever and you can be my sugar and I’ll be your spice. I am sorry you’ve to put up with all my mess, my irrational decisions, my past mistakes and my crazy future plans. I just want you to know that I love you a lot.

    You are the best thing that has ever happened to me! EVER.

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