What is true love? Are those butterflies you feel in your stomach after seeing someone you absolutely adore ‘true love’? Is it the tingling sensation you get when someone touches you? Or is it something else altogether? Does it even exist?

The Master Craftsman Of Stained Glass

In today’s day and age, we are quick to label any relationship as the personification of true love, without knowing what it actually even means to be truly in love with someone. We are quick to label any emotional connection (sometimes even those that are solely based on physical attraction) as ‘love’, all the while forgetting that love itself is much deeper than what comes across on the surface. In my opinion, ‘love’ is all about accepting people and loving them for who they are. Love is about holding them and being there for them when life tries to tear them apart. Love is never having to say you’re sorry. Love is pure, effortless and unconditional. And if you are lucky enough, you’ll find someone who adores you even when they’ve seen you at your worst

Firstly, let me tell you an important thing about love that someone very special once said to me – only people who can truly accept and cherish themselves for who they are can love another with the same ferocity and celebrate them for who they are. You can’t accept someone’s darker sides if you shy away from your own. And besides, love is never supposed to be half hearted, it’s never conditional and it never tries to change another. If you say that you love someone but suddenly stop loving them when some of their flaws are on display, as long as those flaws aren’t harmful to you, you really never loved that person to begin with.

Secondly, love happens over a lifetime. Unless you’ve been with someone during their hardships and difficult times and stood by their side like a rock, you can’t say that you love them. Life isn’t a smooth sail and it’s only when times get tough that you get to know who is there to stay and who isn’t. Love is not in those candlelight dinners, long musical drives or flowers, real love is hidden in those silences, the fights and the promise to hold on to each other, no matter what the circumstances. Love is a promise to love each other and be there for each other, no matter how hard life hits you both.

So the next time you label an attraction or a fleeting connection as ‘love’, ask yourself if you are ready to accept that person for who they are, with all of their flaws, and if you’ll be there for them when life takes a U-turn?