Dear soulmate,

Hope you’re having a great day! And in case of the off-chance that you aren’t, I hope reading this letter changes that.

This is a little reminder to let you know that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I never knew that I could love someone as much I love you and that someone could make me as happy and blissful as much as you do. You are the rainbow that my grey skies were looking for. You are the music my soul was searching for. You are the lightness at the end of my dark tunnel. And you are the missing puzzle piece that completed my life.

You met me at a time in my life when everything was falling apart and nothing was making any sense. Be it my career or relationships, everything looked messy and poorly turned out. I felt like giving up: on people, on life and on myself. I had lost the zeal for life and nothing held my interest for long. It was then that I found someone who made me smile, and whose perspective of life felt like a breath of fresh air. You were someone I wanted to talk to and with whom life felt much lighter. I could talk to you for hours and still not get enough of you. It was probably at that point that I realized that you and I vibed at a different level altogether, which is also why we had conversations that never ended. With you, it felt like I was finally meeting the one who was made for me. Simply put, when you entered my life, my world flipped 180 degrees.

From sharing our wildest fantasies to experiencing the world together, you became my savior. You made me start believing in myself again, and made me experience what being loved and valued actually feels like. Some people walk into your life and make you realize the beauty of unexplainable bonds and you are one of them. You have simply set a benchmark for every bond I have or will make in the future. Honestly, the world looks like a better place now that I have you by my side.

I don’t know when I fell in love with you and when you became a vital part of my life, the one that I never want to let go of. I cannot point to a specific day or a week and say “here it is, this is when it happened.” And I can’t do that because it feels like I have always been harbouring a piece of me that I knew belonged to someone else. So when you walked into my life, I finally found who it was for. You are the one who makes me want to do things, things I wouldn’t have done otherwise and who makes me want to be the best version of me. So thank you for entering my life and sweeping me off my feet. There’s nothing that will ever hold me back from loving you unconditionally. Ever.

With love,

Your soulmate.

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