Dear Soul mate,

I wasnít unaccustomed to the concept of soul mates, but I believed it was something that was meant for books and movie screens, and not something that existed in real life. This was, of course, before you came into my life and before I realized that some bonds are unexplainable, deeper than regular friendships and beyond words. I connected to you in ways I hadnít connected with anyone else before. With you, I never felt like I was getting acquainted with a stranger, rather it felt like I was rediscovering an old friend. With you, I realized that soulmates didnít just live on movie screens, but also existed in our real and mortal world, searching for each other till they found one another.

From sharing our wildest fantasies to sharing a similar value system, it feels as if we were cast with the same mold. Some people walk into your life and make you realize the beauty of unexplainable bonds and as it happens, you were one of them. You have simply set a benchmark for every bond Iíll ever have, and you made the world look like a better place. You were food for my soul, and I am glad that I had the pleasure of knowing you and knowing someone whose soul looked just like mine.

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Thatís probably why it pains me so much to not have you around anymore. Why Iíd do anything to have you back, but know all too well that that ship has sailed. Nevertheless, I will always cherish the times we spent together, for they will always constitute some of my most fond memories. Be it our movie dates, dinner dates, nights spent clubbing or just those lazy Sundays we spent binge watching our favourite shows on Netflix Ė we never really got enough of each other, did we? I still remember that night when we fell asleep while talking on the phone after a long and tiring day at work, for we couldnít bear the thought of being apart for even one night.

I feel blessed to have experienced such a beautiful bond in my life, a bond that is rare to find and rarer to keep. Not many people in this world get to experience the kind of love we harboured for each other, and so I wanted you to know that, even if we arenít together anymore, weíd always be each otherís soulmates.

With love,

Your soulmate