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Thread: Be Romantic With Your Girlfriend

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    Offer your help when she really needs it

    Much more than a servile attitude, she will appreciate that you are there when she really needs you. There are times when we need help, but we don’t say it. Know where you can be helpful to her and this will be very loving gesture for your girlfriend. Being romantic does not mean mortgaging your life and putting it at her service, but showing your love in the truly important moments.
    Has she become ill and is alone at home? Take her to a doctor or go to the pharmacy to buy the medicines you need. Is she studying for a very important exam or working on an office presentation late night? Bring her some coffee and some donuts. Those little gestures say a lot about your romanticism, and never generate rejection.
    Surprise her with unexpected details

    Creativity is a very important part to be romantic with your girlfriend. The details are always appreciated, but the surprise effect multiplies its effectiveness. Leave her a note in her purse so that she casually discovers it, takes her to a special place for dinner for no reason, prepare a surprise break in a charming hotel. Such details will show her that she is always in your head, as well as giving a lot of life to the relationship. That is the true romanticism that women like, not nonsense or sensitivity.

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    Plan incredible dates

    Whether you are in the first phase of the relationship or if it is already consolidated, you need your special meetings to be real. Creating memories is a great way to be romantic with your girlfriend and at the same time make your bond strong. From staying at home eating ice cream and watching a movie there is always time, but what keeps the flame alive is to have dates impossible to forget.
    In this sense, the better you plan, the more likely you are to be successful. Try to create unique moments with each date: take her to a special restaurant, or take a horseback ride, or dine in a place with incredible views. Try to make each of these moments unforgettable for her and leave her breathless and with a smile of satisfaction. Having great dating is the best way for a relationship to grow. No woman wants to take her away from a man who makes her live intensely.
    Small gestures of physical contact

    Grab her hand when you’re watching a horror movie to make you feel protected, brush her hair away from your face to kiss it, hold it in the back when you’re cooking, the physical contact says a lot about your romantic character. Women love when a man touches them in form of affection, and not just with se*ual intent. Take her by the hand while walking, surround her with your arm and this can be romantic when your relationship is new. There are many ways to show affection in a physical way that will make her feel very good. Do not be afraid to play with her hair, or with her hands, those simple gestures show you care, and are an incredible sample of romanticism.

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