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Thread: First time in India A.C. Horse Carriage

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    "Initially, we tried out revolving glass panes, but they kept breaking because there isn't enough space in the stable. So, we put up thick, transparent plastic curtains," Sil said. The carriage was put out on hire only after a month-long test run. One of the early patrons was Shuvankar Dutta and his family , who chanced upon the mahogany-coloured AC coupe on a sweltering afternoon on the Maidan last month.They couldn't believe their eyes. "An air-conditioned tanga gaari on Gorer Maath (Maidan)! We all wanted to give it a try," said Dutta, who booked it for an afternoon-toevening package of Rs 6,000.

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    Sil charges Rs 10,000-15,000 a night depending on the distance. He has to factor in the cost of a diesel generator and maintenance of the landau and AC. And, his cool carriage is much in demand during the marriage season. Nigel Gomes of Entally fo und it perfect to surprise his guests on her daughter's wedding. "I was thinking of something unique rather than an AC hatchback.My relatives got star-struck with this coach," said an elated Gomes.

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