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Thread: Home Remedies To Cure Hiccups To Headache

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    5. Tension headache

    All of us lead a stressful life and at times in that stress we tend to clench our teeth and when we do that we get tension headaches. The muscles that connects our jaw to our temple gets inflamed and that’s when the head throbs. According to a research, placing a pencil between your teeth will relax your jaw muscles and your headache will ease eventually.

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    6. Nail Fungus

    When a fungal infection gets under your toenail, the nail will become thickened, discolored, cracked and ugly. The best home remedy for it is to rub mentholated vapor rub (like Vicks). There are no serious studies for this treatment, but it said to work. Applying vapour rub to the nail three to four times a day for about six weeks can cure the problem. The nail will generally fall off and a healthy nail will regrow.

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