As a writer, as a creator of worlds, how does he analyse Baahubali's spectacular success?

Why did people succumb to the experience that S S Rajamouli offered through Baahubali?

"Baahubali is a simple, Amar Chitra Katha kind of story, that has been spectacularly told," says Neelkantan.

"It is a very difficult balance to achieve. There are many writers who can write complicated stories that will appeal only to a small set of people. The truth is: All great stories are simple stories. What is important is how you tell them."

He has taken the first step. The first book is out and "Rajamouli Sir loved it."

And that's left Neelkantan terrified.

"The next book has to be pacier. As for the third book, I don't know what I will write and how it will tie into the movie..."

And then, he smiles. Leaving you to wonder...