ďIf you have never lost your mind, you have never followed your heart.Ē

We always keep hearing and reading about people following their dreams and how, by doing so, they ended up finding their lifeís calling. We hear about how happy and content they are with their lives, how they couldnít imagine things being any other way and how they wish the same for everyone else. And yet, despite witnessing the joy and contentment one gets from achieving his or her dreams, many of us are still too scared to take that plunge. After all, to risk it all for a dream that no one but we can see, to be willing to endure the amount of stress and obstacles that such a journey inherits and to be subjected to rejection and ridicule, isnít exactly an easy thing to do.

As such, Iíd like to first give a HUGE shout out to all those who are currently pursuing their dreams. These are the people who donít get enough credit until they make it big, despite being an inspiration for how we should be living our lives. Now with that out of the way, itís time for you to stop being afraid of following your heart. And hereís why Ė there are SO MANY benefits of following your heart and chasing your dreams that itís difficult to know where to begin from. So letís start with the most obvious reason why you shouldnít be afraid of following your heart Ė you get to do something that empowers you. No matter which field you choose to be in, if you know you are good at your job and love doing it, it gives you an added boost to excel.

Additionally, you ensure that your work becomes your badge of honour. Any dream thatís not easy to fulfill is worth chasing and so the fact that you tackled all the obstacles along the way to accomplish that dream, especially when no one else believed you could, gives you a sense of pride and honour. You know your accomplishments are a result of your own sweat and blood, and when that comes from something you love, the ecstasy is unparalleled. You also end up acquiring the attitude of gratitude. Following your heart is like feeding your soul Ė the journey isnít easy and the chips are mostly down, but when you are doing what you love, you happiness is unrivaled. As such you canít help but look at the glass as being half-full and always be grateful for where you are.

Finally, you start living a regret-free life. The cost of not following your heart is spending the rest of your life regretting why you stopped chasing your dreams. When you are willing to take a chance because you never know how perfect something could turn out to be, you end up ensuring that you donít have any regrets later on in your life.