ďSometimes the most beautiful people are beautifully brokenĒ

Sometimes in life, situations can make us go numb Ė with no tears to shed, no pain tearing us apart and us just staring into the emptiness of our hearts and the darkness of our souls. While some people survive and talk about it, others tend to survive but go silent and some even end up channeling their grief into creativity. But everyone goes through unimaginable pain in their lives, the intensity of which can, at times, be beyond comprehension.

Itís okay to feel lost, broken and defeated in life because until we are torn apart, can we really know what we are made of? Unless we go through the pain of having shattered dreams and a broken heart, can we really realize our power to fight the odds? Itís our dashed hopes and lost dreams that can, ironically, end up being the best teachers of strength, reliance and fortitude . Learning to stitch ourselves back together, learning to deal with disappointment and most importantly, learning about ourselves are some of the most important things that a heart break or a failure can teach us. It teaches us how bounce back stronger than before and it teaches us to never give up until we achieve what we have set out for.

Heartbreaks, shattered hopes and the times weíve felt broken or defeated should not be looked at as being anything less than scars of battle. In fact, experiencing them is just as important as manifested dreams because some of lifeís most vital and valuable lessons can only be learned through those experiences. We learn to deal with life much better, we get to know what our priorities actually should be (the ones that deserve our time and energy) and we end up realizing the importance of happiness in our lives only when weíve truly experienced what it feels like to be broken and defeated. Unless you go through the lows, can you truly relish the highs?

And we must always remember that no matter how stormy the night gets, there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. It may take time, but eventually things WILL get better, they WILL get easier and everything WILL fall in place again. Until then, embrace the pain and donít let it change you. Donít let it take away from your shine and sparkle, for time never remains the same and things are going to get better even before you realize it.