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Thread: Trick to not discharge Your smartphone battery

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    Trick to not discharge Your smartphone battery

    A very good news for those smartphone users who are upset with their smartphone’s battery performance, now we have an official app for extending battery life.

    Here are the five key smartphone charging mistakes that you must avoid:-

    Charging Your Phone Overnight:

    There are many people, including me who left the phone plugged in overnight for charging. We just need to break this habit. Charging overnight affects battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone overheat. Therefore, make sure to unplug your charge when you feel it is sufficiently charged.

    Remove Your Phone’s Cover Or Case If Possible:

    Well, this is not the ordinary thing to do, maybe the person nearby you will start to laugh if you do so. However, removing the Phone Case or Cover will eliminate the “Locked” heat that is being produced while it was charging.

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    Don’t Touch The 100% Limit While Charging:

    Well, 80-85% battery backup is enough for a day, and it’s ideal for overall battery lifespan. Reaching the 100% charging mark is not the good option because it will overheat the battery, thereby affecting battery’s life.

    Don’t Discharge The Battery Completely:

    Well, we always tend to use our smartphone until it is switched off due to low battery. We usually ignore the low battery warning. However, the full discharge weakens the lithium battery. It’s recommended to do a full discharge of battery once or twice a month to perform battery calibration.

    Using Good Quality Charger:

    If you recently lost your charger, then you need to be extra careful while choosing the right charger for your phone. What we do is we always use any substitute charger, we never hesitate to use our friends’ charger to charge our smartphone. However, make sure to charge your smartphone from the original one because this will ensure your phone doesn’t overheat.

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