4 – Emoticons:

iPhones have the best quality of emoticons and also the best variety of emoticons as compared to those in other smartphones. They literally have the talent to convert your lame chats into one of the most expressive ones only with the help of emoticons.

5 – Trend:

Yes, as we all know that iPhone is the trendiest phone on the planet right now and people automatically climb up to a whole new level of swag, richness and status as they own an iPhone. It’s in the air to be honest and people are inhaling it in a very deep way which makes them buy an iPhone just because it’s an iPhone and nothing else.
These are the things that make an iPhone special – Many of us are probably already habitual of using iPhones but these are some of the things which will make you throw your focus on other pros of having an iPhone leaving aside the technological aspect. It’s sure to make you feel good about you iPhone.