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Thread: Here’s Why I Decided To Embrace Being Single

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    Here’s Why I Decided To Embrace Being Single

    As much as we want and desire that special someone who’ll make our hearts flutter, the freedom that singlehood gives us is incomparable. I am quite convinced that most people who are in relationships want to regain their single status and get that spark back into their lives. And with that understanding, as well as the realization that none of us need another person to truly be happy, I decided to embrace being single in all its glory. And after seeing the results of doing so, I encourage all you single folks out there to do the same.

    One of the major perks of singlehood is freedom. You can eat, sleep and repeat and no one will judge you. Singlehood is that time of your life when you can do whatever you want, when you want and not be restricted by someone else’s wishes. For instance, you can go out on a dinner date with the cute guy who asked you out at the party last night, or you could take this time to invest in your friendships. In fact, you have all the time in the world to have fun with your friends and make as many memories as you can because once you are in a relationship with someone else, life becomes more about them and less about you and your friendships. You aren’t able to give as much time to other people in your life as your partner starts occupying most of your time.

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    Then there is your career. When you are single, you end up having more time to invest in your work. You can work as much as you want and as long as you want to, without being answerable to anyone. You are in the phase of your life when you can give all your energy to your career with undivided attention. Additionally, there just tends to be a lot less emotional drama in your life when you’re singe. There is so much emotional independence in being single as insecurities, silly arguments and fights over trivial issues aren’t prevalent. You aren’t emotionally dependent on someone, who you have no control over. You get to live a life without emotional stress and confusion. And lest we forget, when you’re single you are no longer susceptible to heartbreaks. You have no one on whom you are emotionally dependent in a way that gives them the power to disregard your feelings. It’s liberating and empowering to be fully in control of your own emotions and feelings.

    In the end, I’d just like to tell you all that initially, it wasn’t easy for me to embrace my singlehood. I used to long for the type of romances I’d see both in fiction (television shows, books and movies) and in reality (my friends around me). But after fully understanding all of the benefits one reaps from being single, and realizing that it’s not the worst thing in the world to not be in a relationship, I fully embraced my singlehood. And ever since then, I haven’t looked back.

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