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Thread: 11 Things That Can Make You Forget Your Smartphone

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    11 Things That Can Make You Forget Your Smartphone

    We all have these moments where we unconsciously forget to look at our phones. Those moments are rare and special, as we almost never look up from our phones unless and until we’re compelled to. Here are 11 things that can give you those ‘moments’ where you don’t remember to check WhatsApp notifications and your Instagram followers

    1. Spend your time spinning fidget spinners

    People who spin fidget spinners have discovered that the device keeps them busy, leaving them no time to look at their devices. Studies have also found out that fidget spinning improves concentration and helps students with ADHD.

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    2. Lose yourself while eating a delicious, moist chocolate cake

    Leave looking at your phone, relishing a good chocolate cake will make you forget the entire world. Even if you feel like gobbling up an entire piece, the best way to finish cake is by eating a morsel by morsel with peace.

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