While some people have no space for social drama in their lives, others might feel lost and lonely when they donít see themselves being part of an active friend circle. Itís always interesting to interact with people, find out what their likes and dislikes are, and then make friends with the likeminded few. There may, however, be times when we donít have friends Ė for instance when we locate to a new city or change schools, and that could make things a bit difficult to deal with. But instead of telling you how to deal with not having any friends, Iím here to let you know something even more important Ė contrary to popular belief, you actually donít need friends to be happy. Allow me to explain this further.

What does it mean to be happy? In laymanís terms, happiness is described as a state of pleasure and contentment. Now there are countless things you could do, that doesnít involve having friends, to feel content and fulfilled. For instance you could always indulge yourself in a hobby. Find something that makes you happy Ė painting, yoga, hiking or gardening, to name a few Ė and indulge yourself in it. It will not only consume your spare time, but will also infuse positivity and happiness into your life. Similarly, you could start investing your time in getting fitter and healthier. A morning jog or a cardio session at the gym in the evening will surely make you active and fitter. It will not only add a routine to your life, but will also get you in shape.

If that doesnít work, you could always pack your bags and go on a road trip all by yourself. I think we all need an excuse to book a ticket, pack our bags and take off as it is Ė what better way to use our time than exploring the places that have always been on our bucket list? You donít even have to take someone along, just go solo tripping and youíll even get an opportunity to discover a new YOU. While youíre planning your solo trips, you could also take this time to indulge in a better lifestyle. A morning yoga session or a few minutes of meditation just before sleep can help to relax your mind and muscles from all the tension that gets built up during the day. Start taking care of yourself Ė eat healthier, exercise and sleep better, and eventually, youíll be seeing the results in your work and relationships.

In the end, thereís a lot that we can do to feel happy and content in life and none of those things require having friends. While in no way am I suggesting that one should actively set out to not make new friends or maintain old friendships, if for whatever reason you arenít able to do so, itís not the end of the world.