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Thread: Warning Signs of a Blood Clot!

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    Warning Signs of a Blood Clot!

    Blood clotting is a normal process that the human body carries out in order to stop external bleeding. However, sometimes blood clots happen when they're not meant to, such as when it's still within your veins. When this occurs, blood clotting can become life-threatening. Internal clotting can be a cause of heart attacks, strokes, as well as other serious medical conditions. Fortunately, there are 8 common ways to notice if you're suffering from a blood clot:

    1. Swelling in One Limb

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    2. Leg Pain or Tenderness
    People suffering from DVT also commonly experience leg pain or tenderness. In addition to making the limbs swell, DVT may also cause the legs to ache, be sore to the touch, or to cramp up.

    3. Chest Pain and Heavy Breathing

    Chest pain should never be ignored, and neither should heavy breathing. If both of these symptoms are experienced simultaneously, experts say that you could be suffering from a blood clot in the lungs. Such a clot can quickly turn fatal, so should you experience these symptoms, then stop whatever you're doing, and seek medical attention right away.

    4. Shortness of Breath

    Much like with heavy breathing, shortness of breath is never a symptom you should ignore. If you notice that you're finding it hard to breathe, have a racing heart, feel a fluttering sensation in your chest, or experience any dizziness, then you may be suffering from a clot in the lungs. These symptoms, particularly when experienced simultaneously, warrant immediate medical attention.

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