Hey Lover Boy,

Hope you are doing amazing.

I know we have been having a hard time lately but there are certain things I wanted you to know. So instead of saying it verbally, I thought of penning them down. Firstly, I wanted you to know that I love you very much, always have and always will. You will always be the one I want to wake up to and the one I would want to call my home. You are the sun in my rainbow and the laughter in my happiness. You are the magic in me and trust me I can move the world to keep that intact.

I am well aware that love is not only about the candyfloss romance, musical drives and the candlelight dinners by the beach. Love is learning to accept each other the way we are and appreciating our differences. It is about supporting each other’s dreams and holding on when life gets tough.

Love is when you stick by someone when no one does and loving them when they feel most unloved. Love isn’t selfish, it is patient, it is kind, it is not self-seeking and it never fails. Someone has correctly said that loving someone is as easy as it is difficult to sustain that love. But let me tell you that I am here for good and I am not leaving you when life has got difficult and we are hardly able to get each other.

I know we have been having a lot of fights and disagreements lately. I am not sure if it is the immaturity or sheer unwillingness to understand each other but what I do know is that we belong together and I won’t ever give up on us for these fleeting issues. I am ready to fight with time for you because I want you in my life forever. I am mature enough to value our bond and patient enough to wait for you till we sort out our differences. I love you for you and I am never going back on that. Always remember that you will always be my true love and you will always have my heart.


Your soul mate