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Thread: Best Monsoon Destinations In India!

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    Best Monsoon Destinations In India!

    Difficulty Planning A Trip? Here We Are With The List Of “Best Monsoon Destinations” In India!

    Monsoon Destinations In India – Raining season is almost here.

    Every rainy season, you’re sitting near your window; you’re watching people, rain, kids playing etc. But, in your little heart, there’s something that you always wish to do, and i.e. to enjoy rain somewhere else.

    To be honest, if you’re someone who wants to explore the nature in monsoon season, then this article is FOR YOU. It’s time to go out, and explore the nature by enjoying the little raindrops and smell the mud.

    Monsoon in India should be enjoyed.

    Well, if you go by this saying, then nothing can stop you to have a blast. I’ve shortlisted best monsoon destinations in India where you can go and ENJOY to the fullest.

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    I know, you’ll go like “Goa is so common etc…” Let me tell you, during monsoon you must visit Dudhsagar waterfalls. Trust me; you’ll love it. The height of this fall is about 600 meters and is considered to be one of the tallest waterfalls in the country. Google it and the pictures will excite you to go there too. Dudhsagar i.e. “Sea of Milk” has breathtaking scenery.

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