Shahid Kapoor loves coffee. In fact, he carries his favourite variety of the beverage wherever he can.

However, we have learnt that the actor is now set to go off coffee for over two months. This is because his diet (that he is following for Padmavati) prohibits him from having it.

“Shahid isn’t just a coffee lover but is addicted to it, especially to the strong and black brews. For his new film, Padmavati – that is being directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali – he is following a particular diet, which doesn’t allow any caffeine intake. And like a professional, Shahid has readily given up his much loved caffeine,” says an insider.

Shahid has already acquired the body required to play a warrior king in the film. Even then, the actor is following the diet religiously, and has been training rigorously too.

“He isn’t missing a single day’s work-out and whenever time permits, he hits the gym twice a day. This is why fans have been spotting the actor at his Bandra gym so often,” says the insider. Shahid couldn’t be reached for a comment.