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Thread: 5 Things India must do to win against South Africa

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    5 Things India must do to win against South Africa

    The great Sunil Gavaskar once said, 'cricket is a great leveller.' After India's commanding performances in the warm-up matches, the men in blue raised the bar and expectations a notch higher by putting a clinical performance against Pakistan. However, in their game against Sri Lanka India were grounded by a spirited batting effort by the Lankans to keep them waiting for a spot in the semi-final.

    The loss against Sri Lanka put India in a tight spot as the clash against South Africa is a virtual quarter-final and the loser goes home.

    There is no need for India to press the panic button as they have been playing good cricket of late. However, South Africa are a good side with a point to prove regarding their poor performances in ICC tournaments.

    India cannot afford to just turn up for the match and go through the usual paces as even minor mistakes could lead to their ouster from the tournament. Although a major shake-up is not necessary, India need to fine tune certain things before the blockbuster clash.

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    Here are five things that India will be tempted to do to secure their place in the semi-final.

    Draft Ravichandran Ashwin into the playing XI

    In the first two matches, India went with three front-line seamers with Hardik Pandya as their seam bowling all-rounder and a solitary spinner in Ravindra Jadeja.
    This move makes sense as English conditions normally favour the pace bowlers and none of the wickets so far have assisted spinners.

    However, Jadeja had a rare off day against Sri Lanka and India looked short of options while bowling. Moreover, pundits say that in cricket it is wise to adopt a horses for courses policy.

    South Africa are comfortable against pace and a little suspect against spin. In their last match against Pakistan they scored just 91 runs in 23 overs that they were tied down by the spinners and lost three wickets. Therefore, it makes sense to draft Ashwin into the playing XI as it gives them another option given the Proteas perennial weakness against the turning ball.

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