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Thread: 5 Things India must do to win against South Africa

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    More aggressive batting at the start

    It is hard to criticize a team’s effort with the bat when they have piled up totals in excess of 300 in two successive matches. Normally, in England the new ball swings and seams around and batsmen play the bowling on its merit early on and preserve wickets to capitalize at the end.

    However, in this tournament there has hardly been any assistance for the pace bowlers with the new ball and India have not gone hard enough with the bat in the first 40 overs. They have compensated for that by scoring a lot of runs in the last 10 overs. One can understand a cautious approach if they had lost wickets early, but in both the matches they have had a solid opening partnership. They can build even more formidable totals if they take more risks and show more intent in the first 40 overs.

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    Creating more opportunities in the field

    When a team bats first and registers a total in excess of 300, they win the match on most occasions. Against Sri Lanka, India seemed to be a touch lethargic and complacent in the field.

    Their body language indicated that they perceived that they already had the game in the bag by posting a huge total, and their effort in the field did not have the same intensity as they had in the game against Pakistan.

    Moreover, they did not create many wicket taking opportunities with the ball. Out of the three Sri Lankan wickets that fell, two were to run outs and only one was claimed by a bowler. India's front-line bowlers need to create more chances to take wickets.

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