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Thread: 11 Signs That Your Girl is the Coolest Girlfriend You Will Ever Get !

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    You never need to worry about keeping a screen lock for your phone because she never opens it without asking you. Or she doesn’t open it at all.

    She trusts you and doesn’t need to be a detective to know things about you. She’d probably ask you straight up if she had a doubt on you and would really wouldn’t make a scene out of a small misunderstanding or insecurity.

    She knows how to handle doubts and doesn’t shy away when it comes to asking you things which worry her.

    She is an open book.

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    Girls and mood swings are inseparable!

    So you better count your lucky person when you got a girlfriend who at least takes the pain to make her mood clear and not beat around the bush by saying “I am fine!” while she’s clearly plotting a plan on killing someone to calm her rage about the fact that you believed the “I am fine” excuse while she’s clearly feeling mental and on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Such girls are clearly the most simple ones to understand and you won’t have to learn the language of girls which almost always means the opposite of what they say they want or feel!

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