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Thread: 11 Signs That Your Girl is the Coolest Girlfriend You Will Ever Get !

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    This goes along with the previous point.These girlfriends don’t care about what your habits are, to be honest. She leaves that work to your mom.

    She is completely comfortable with all your habits and truly accepts you with all your flaws and goodness. You can sure as hell see a future in which you’d be at peace and won’t go deaf hearing all the complaints about how you don’t match her standards.

    She keeps her standards to herself.

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    You still have those nights when you have your apartment all to yourself and your brother from other mothers around you without your girlfriend snooping around the corner with a blanket and asking you for a bedtime story.

    Your girlfriend gives you “Me time” in plenty and doesn’t interfere in your life. She knows a clear division between she having a claim on you and not your life and allows you to have that wild fun regularly which includes drinking till dawn, hooting for your favorite teams and ogling girls on sites when you require it.

    And above all never asks you to replay your boys night out by asking sugar coated deadly questions!

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