SAY NO TO TOBACCO: It Takes 3.5 Minutes To Destroy Your Own Life

According to the research, it takes approximately 3.5 minutes to smoke a cigarette. In simple words, it takes 3.5 minutes to destroy your own life.

You must’ve undoubtedly heard that “Tobacco is injurious to you and the people around you.”

But hey, have you ever taken that “serious quote” seriously? Yeah, you must’ve PAUSED smoking for a while, but the mission should be to STOP smoking.
Viacom 18’s brands like MTV Beats, Comedy Central, Colors Infinity and VH1 have joined hands with KETTO to spread the awareness of the anti-tobacco campaign.

So, simply to motivate you in order to stop the use of tobacco, Ketto has come up with an ANTI-TOBACCO campaign. The campaign not only focuses on anti-tobacco awareness, but it also wants people like you to come forward and donate in support of Ketto’s initiative to support all the cancer patients.