Do fear that you might end up alone without a “happily ever after”? Are you often called ‘fussy’? And despite all your fears and people’s complaints are you still unwilling to compromise on the idea of a perfect guy?

Well, it’s not your fault. There’s a negative connotation attached to being negative and people always misjudge you as snobbish.

You’re not alone. I believe that it is completely okay to be selective, too. There’s nothing wrong in being picky when it comes to your romantic relationships. Given the fact that you are going to be spending time with the opposite person, it’s important for the two of you to be compatible with each other.

And there is nothing wrong in not stopping until you find the perfect one, rather than just settling for someone else, out of the fear of running out of time.

To those who accuse you of being picky, you can hit back with a list of advantages that come along with being choosy. Firstly, no precarious heartbreaks. You straightaway avoid taking things further with people you aren’t interested in.

In the process of seeking the chosen one, you come across a lot people, each of whom adds a different dimension to your otherwise flatlined life.

And if nothing, by this time you’ve become well accustomed to being satiated by your own company essentially eliminating the need to rely on someone else.

While you might take long to find your true match, the one you eventually find, like the light at the end of the tunnel, will be everything worth waiting for.

Being choosy simply implies knowing what exactly you want from life and you aren’t ready to settle for anything less. So, be choosy unapologetically!