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Thread: 8 Signs That Prove You Are Just Not Ready For A Relationship

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    8 Signs That Prove You Are Just Not Ready For A Relationship

    Youíve been single for a while now and you might want to get into something serious but you'd rather wait for the best then jump right in. Maybe you meet someone new and the sparks begin to fly and you feel like love is in the air but everything could get ruined if you arenít mentally prepared to be with that special someone. If you can relate to this list, we suggest you remain solo and take maximum pleasure of your single life for as long as required. Besides, being single is an amazing experience in itself. Did we hear a chores, "Touche"?

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    1. You love your life just the way it is and don't wish to change a thing.

    You don’t feel incomplete or like something is amiss. Life is good! You’re fiercely independent and like it that way.

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