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Thread: iPhone 8 vs Nintendo smartphones

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    iPhone 8 vs Nintendo smartphones

    Apple could be to blame for the ongoing Nintendo Switch stock shortage, a new report has sensationally claimed.


    As the Cupertino-based company readies itself for the launch of its next flagship smartphone purportedly dubbed Apple iPhone 8 Nintendo is being forced to limit its sales targets for its latest games console, Nintendo Switch.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, the Japanese company has limited itself to a sales target of 10 million units for the year, though it really wants to produce double that number.

    Nintendo purportedly told suppliers that it hopes to produce almost 20 million units of its hugely-successful Switch console in the year ending March 2018, people involved in the discussions were quoted as saying.

    However the company's official sales target for the year is 10 million, strong demand suggests it could sell more units provided it can make them.

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    The Nintendo Switch is halfway between a home games console and a handheld portable

    Manufacturer Toshiba has confirmed that demand for its NAND chips is "overwhelmingly greater" than its current supply, thanks to demand from Apple and other smartphone manufacturers.

    The Nintendo Switch is both a mobile and home game console in one.

    It is the seventh home games console developed and shipped by Nintendo, and follows the Wii U, which is widely considered a commercial flop.

    The Switch shipped more than 2.74 million units in its first month – smashing Nintendo's projected 2 million unit shipment – and making it the fastest-selling home console in the history of the company.

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