Dear Estranged Lover,

Falling in love with you felt like made me understand what a whirlwind romance felt like. But it also taught me that when a tornado meets a volcano, everything that follows is havoc. And the same happened with us.

But I'm here to talk about the havoc that destroyed my life, the one where you cheated on me.

Our love, if it even was love, was built on false and deceit. You turned out to be the exact person you made me believe you weren't; and for that I will never forgive you.

More than the fact that you cheated on me, the fact that you were dishonest about yourself makes me sick to the stomach. It makes me realise how naive I was to be tricked by someone in the name of love.

Well, let me tell you something- I am glad that you cheated on me.

I believe that people who resort to cheating on their partners are cowards who cannot stick to commitments when the going gets tough. Cheating is easy. If only you ever understand how difficult it is to maintain a relationship by nurturing it with love and patience.

I feel stupid about how I thought you were the one who is capable of handling an adult relationship. I guess looks can be deceiving.

I am happy that I didn’t end up with someone like you for I deserve someone who can love me back as truly as I.

You gave me a chance to find someone like that. And you know what I did actually find someone I was looking for, someone who makes me believe that love isn't all sunshine and rainbows but it isn't all heart breaks and sad songs either.

And for this, I shall be forever grateful!