For reasons unknown to us, women were always considered the weaker sex; essentially because everyone thought women were more sensitive as compared to their male counterparts and cannot withstand hardships as easily as them.

But we know that’s not true.

No human is born with grit and the will to defeat all adverse situations in life. Everyone falls, but only the ones who are not afraid to fail are the ones who come out of everything, stronger than ever.

The epitome of such strength are those women who’ve learned that the only way to move forward in life is by learning to get back up. They’ve done it independently and will continue to remain like that.

A woman of strength is the kind of person who will promise to be by your side and make sure she fulfils that promise. She won’t let you falter because she’s been there and wouldn’t want you to endure what she has.

She’s like a phoenix who rises from the very ashes she’d been reduced to. She’s not perfect, but she is the closest thing to perfection that you know of.

She’s not invincible. Her heart still breaks but if you think she’ll be a weeping mess; she’s learnt better than being weak for people who couldn’t care less about her.

She is strong because her trust has been broken and she has learnt to rely on nobody but herself. Despite her numerous heartaches, she’s not lost hopes on the world and in its goodness. She still wears her emotions on her sleeves but doesn’t let people to toy with them.

Every day is an uphill battle but she knows she will make it to the top someday.