Once there was an incredibly confident girl, one who embraced her personality, her strengths, her weaknesses and her curves from a very young age and just loved being her true authentic self.

She often used to tell her mother that she can’t recall the last time she felt insecure. She was never conscious of her body image and really didn’t see herself as ‘flawed’ in any way….until one day, when she was called “FAT”.

She died that day and sadly, l took her place.

I finally recognized what having insecurities really felt like. It came from a place that was very personal and painful.

All the people I knew, my confidantes, started fat shamming me behind my back. They had made it their business to evaluate my body mass index and self-proclaimed themselves as important, so they have the liberty to discuss my weight.

I started to feel so uncomfortable that I refrained from seeing people. I feared that I would be judged again and all this self-confinement only deepened the depression that I couldn’t seem to come out of.

I walked across the mirror one day when suddenly, I caught my reflection staring at me with a lifeless gaze. Something snapped and a wave of positivity washed over me.

I felt better looking at myself because instead of counting my flaws, I stood there and appreciated how fortunate I was to have what I did. I came to terms with the reality of my body and decided to love it regardless of what others thought of it.

I regained the confidence that had eluded me for a while. It’s ok to be different, and just because I am unlike any of the women of my age doesn’t mean I am any less.

For people who think fat shaming is just positive criticism- girls come in all shapes and sizes. Weight should not be a topic of discussion and hiding insecurities by pointing fingers at others needs to stop.

Only when we start working towards a society that can help prevent eating disorders, anorexia and body image disorders, will we be able to make this world a better and safer place.