While a well sculpted body and freakishly good looks hold our attention, is that all we need to be interested in someone? Who wouldnít want to date a hot guy or a beautiful girl, who can light up a room just with their mere presence?

While someone's physical appearance is one of the most important factors when it comes to dating someone, itís definitely not the only one.

Itís important for us to start looking beyond the Ďlooksí for beneath all the superficial beauty may live a person you might find someone you wouldnít want to let go off.

Take a chance and go out on a date with someone you think is a great person rather than caging yourself by setting pricey standards.

You never know, you might eventually fall in love with the person you werenít even attracted to in the first meeting.

In our part of the world, arranged marriages have been a tradition now. So, do you think that every couple who settled for an arranged marriage was attracted to each other from the beginning?

Eventually everyone discovers the little things about each other which make them fall for each other.

Itís never the Ďgood looksí which make you want to be with someone, but it is actually the warm, caring and a beautiful heart with which you fall in love.

Thereís more to people than meets the eye and it goes well beyond their looks. Weíve always been taught to respect a personís inner goodness so, why not implement it when weíre actually picking a partner?

You never know how some of the most amazing people might not have the most-good looking faces and some of the most-good looking faces might not have a beautiful heart.