Hey you,

I hope youíre having a good day.

Lately, I have wanted to tell you about how I am not the person that you think I am.

You know that I am never vocal about how I feel, and so I decided to gather my thoughts and pen them down for you. Although I am still a little shaken up from the argument we had yesterday, letting you know that I am NOT the self- centered person you think I am is my priority right now.

I guess it was my fault that I changed from being a vulnerable person to someone who just wasnít. Change is inevitable, and some day, I was bound to change too.

We had always been friends first, so Iíd turn to you to share every detail of my life without any hesitation or fear of being judged. In retrospection, you thought there was hope for me despite knowing how much undue importance I give to me ego.

I'd lost a handful of relationships to ego but you were undeterred from finding the good in me. You always told me ďDarling, donít be so hard on yourself. Admitting your weaknesses and embracing them is always the first step towards earning redemption.Ē

Your words hit the nail right on its head. They left an impact which was the harbinger of good in me. I changed for good, but sadly you just couldnít notice it.

And for the first time in a long time, I chose someone over my ego. And it was you.

But it felt as though youíd probably had enough of being caught in a conflict between me and my mind. I understand why you felt that way. If I were you Iíd have given up a long time ago. But despite the countless instances where Iíd disappointed you, you were kind to me.

Weíre at different places in our lives right now and the possibilities of us reuniting may be bleak. But I want to tell you that I wonít give up just yet.

You made me the person I am today and Iíll wait for that day where you can see it in me.