Hi there,

Hope this reaches you in the best of health and spirit. Itís been long since we met or spoke to one another. But the other day, I was lost in my thoughts and then I eventually ended doing a lot of introspection during which I realized something really important.

I realized that without all the hard times, I wouldnít have been half as strong as I am today.

I agree that I endlessly cried and brooded over what you did to me because you made my life a tad too difficult. And back then, I didnít have enough courage or strength to deal with all of it.

I loved you and thatís the reason why I tolerated your nuisance and put myself through all those painful times.

Today, when I look back, I feel as though all that trouble, hassle and pain was worth it!

In case if youíre wondering about my state of mind, I havenít gone bonkers. I just want to let you know that in the end, I am grateful to you for putting me through hell.

Yes, back then it was difficult for me to look at my situation that way because I was weak. I didnít think Iíd have the guts to stand up for myself and stop some guy from making my life miserable.

Thank you for everything; it is because of those hard times that I am who I am today. You taught me to stand up and protect myself. You made me realise that in this big bad world one needs to look after themselves.

After all, what doesnít kill you, makes you stronger! So, Thank you for making me stronger.

Best Wishes,

Someone who once loved you!