Tips on how to improve the health of eyes and
reduce vision problems. You have to practise daily exercises, eat a
eye healthy diet and avoid strain in order to keep visionary
problems away as long as you can.

1# Let's the learn the basic. Avoid straining your eyes. Too much
computer usage, reading, needle work etc. put a lot of pressure on
the eyes.

2# Do not read closely and in a bad light.

3# Place TV or computer monitor at the eye level. Fit an anti-glare
screen on your monitor. The TV should be placed at least 8 ft away
from you.

4# If you cannot take breaks in between try to blink and look away
at a distant object from time to time. Practising eye exercises
also help in this case.

5# Start practising yoga eye exercises, if you haven't already. It
will help to strengthen the weak eye muscles and to release stress.
Look straight ahead with a straight spine. Now slowly look up,
pause and look down. Look to the left and to the right in the same
way. Begin the vision to the eye level and close your eyes for a
few seconds. Repeat.

6# Always use goggles, umbrella or a cap while in the sun.

7# Caretanoids, the nurients present in colourful fruits and
vegetables are essential for the retina to enable low light and
colour vision. A deficiency of this may cause night blindness,
infections, bitot spots, retinal injury induced blindness and more.
It is also important in delaying cataracts, age related blindness,
dry cornea and the consequent eye problems. Hence eat not only
carrots but also sweet potatoes, bilberry fruits, oysters, spinach,
grapefruits, papayas and green tea.

8# Relax your eyes once a week with cold milk pad or a gentle

9# Wash eyes with Triphala water.

10# Get an yearly eye examination done.

Wishing you good health,