It was almost perfect, wasnít it? We were really in love.

We spoke for hours and still couldnít get enough of each other. Be it our morning texts, catching up on our way to work, random texts in the middle of the day or our late night conversations, we never got bored of each other. My days started and ended at you.

You became an integral part of my life, that I was scared at the thought of losing you. You were a habit, the one that was difficult to get rid of. You made my life better than I could ever imagine it to be.

But with time, we realized that we were two different people, though looking in the same direction but at two different things. Fights and disagreements became the norm. There were days when we just didnít feel like talking to each other because it would start another argument, which we obviously didnít want.

I never thought that it would be easy to let you go. Our unresolved problems and unsaid goodbye donít fail to haunt me. But as said, whatever happens in life happens for good, I think itís good that we did not end up together.

I thank you for not sticking by, for not making an effort and not fighting for what we had because the kind of love you had was not what I was looking for.

I was looking for someone who wouldnít leave when situations got difficult.

I am grateful for what you did to me- you saved me. You gave me a chance to find what I was looking for

I found someone who brings out the best in me and makes me believe I am capable of doing everything I thought I wasn't. Around him, I am whom I want to be.